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Many people are shocked when they learn of the tens of thousands of horses slaughtered each year in Australia. The problem seems overwhelming, and many no doubt feel discouraged, as if there is nothing they can do about it.

That is not the case. Anyone who cares can play a part, however small, in helping to improve the situation for Australian horses.

Some simple suggestions:

  1. Learn about the issues - Knowledge is power. Sure, this is an unpleasant subject, but I will not share any "graphic" or disturbing images or details on this blog. For those who wish to find out further information of that nature, links will be provided, but they will be clearly labeled to allow people the choice of whether or not to click on them. So please feel free to read the information on here, I hope you find it helpful. Here is a good place to start. 
  2. Help raise awareness - Once you know about these problems, talk to people about them. Share things on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, etc. Feel free to copy and paste the content I have written on this blog, but it's best to include a link so people can read more if they're interested. Quest Equine Welfare have a "Downloads" page on their website with posters on several welfare issues that you can print out and post where people will see them. The overbreeding ones address horse slaughter concerns.
  3. Support Horse Rescue and Welfare Groups - There are hardworking people out there doing their bit to make a difference for the horses that come into their care. Unfortunately they are not as well supported as they should be. Please check the contacts page for help finding your closest one.
  4. Support campaigns to change legislation that will improve horse welfare - Horse rescue and welfare groups can only help so many horses. No-one can save tens of thousands of horses each year, it is an impossible ask. To combat this, Charlie's Angels Horse Rescue have launched several campaigns to bring about legislative changes that will improve things for horses.Their "campaigns" website has information on current and future campaigns. (Click on the tabs up the top of the page.) Click here for their registration and microchipping campaign Facebook page, or here for their Pet Food Labeling campaign Facebook page
  5. If you're a horse person, please don't breed any more, why not adopt a foal or young horse who needs a home instead? - I know you love your mare, but there are horses out there who are just as lovely. Perhaps a brumby from a brumby charity, or a thoroughbred or standardbred too slow for racing? If you look around, you will find a horse that you can help. If you think there aren't quality young horses being slaughtered... well I'm sad to say you're mistaken. I recently saw photos of a beautiful yearling filly that a TB stud was going to send to the doggers. She is GORGEOUS. Contact a rescue group if you don't know where to begin searching. They will help you out. See the contacts page for one in your area. If you are new to horses and wish to get one for yourself, the rescue groups will also be able to guide you in preparing for the responsibility of being a horse owner. They would much rather help people out prior to becoming horse owners, than have to rescue horses from people who had the best intentions but didn't know what they were getting themselves in for. :)
  6. Horse Safe Shopping - I have started a separate blog to provide information to people who don't want to support horse slaughter with their precious dollars. For example, if the ingredients on your pets' food label include "animal by-products", and you don't want to feed horse to your pets... best pick another brand! See the Horse Safe Shopping Blog for information on brands that DO NOT contain horse meat. 
  7. Be nice to the horses you meet - Hopefully the lives of the horses you meet won't end in slaughter... but there is a lovely quote that sums this up - "All horses deserve, at least once in their lives, to be loved by a little girl." 
         They deserve to be loved by other people too. :)

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