Who writes this?

Who are you?
A concerned Aussie who has spent many years accumulating knowledge on the Australian horse industry. I'm not some sort of raving animal rights activist, I promise! I'm just someone who wants to have a rational discussion of the relevant issues. :)

Why have this blog?
I've been concerned for some time about the scale of the problems regarding horse slaughter in Australia. Tens of thousands of horses are slaughtered for the domestic (pet food) and export (human food) markets. In my experience, most horse people never encounter these industries directly, and the majority have only a vague idea of what goes on. If horse people aren't aware, then what of the wider public?

Recent events have brought the issues into the mainstream media, however there is still very little coverage of the serious issues. It's easy to focus on the emotional side of this issue, but standing around saying "oh noes, not the pretty ponies! But I lubs them!" helps no-one.

There are serious issues of human health and animal welfare that need to be addressed, and as I don't own a vast media empire, or even have the opportunity to write an article for one, I've decided to fill at least a tiny part of the massive knowledge void with this blog.

Wish me luck...