Who can I contact?

If you would like to contact me, perhaps to ask me a question, please post a comment on one of the blog posts or send me a tweet at @donteataushorse on Twitter. I welcome questions, and I promise I will answer them in the friendly, rational manner that is my custom :)

Some other links you may be interested in:
There is a petition regarding the sale of horse meat for human consumption in Western Australia

If Facebook is your thing, there is a group of people who are concerned about the WA issue, and also pages and groups such as "Stop Horse Slaughter" and "Say NO to the slaughter of horses in Australia" Note - **these pages/groups are open to anyone on Facebook, and as such may contain disturbing images and information**

There's a great blog post here, with details of politicians you can contact, along with a sample letter, for you to voice your concerns about the legalisation of horse meat for human consumption in Western Australia.

Some of the main horse welfare and rescue groups currently operating in Australia that desperately need support:

Quest Equine Welfare (National)
Second Chance Horse Rescue (WA)
Charlie's Angels Horse Rescue (Qld)
Horse Rescue Australia (NSW)
Triple R Equine Welfare (Vic)
Project Hope Horse Horse Welfare (Vic)
Victorian Brumby Association (Vic)
Australian Brumby Alliance (National - encompasses a number of brumby groups)
Save the Brumbies (NSW)
South East Qld Brumby Association (Qld)
Coffin Bay Brumby Preservation Society (SA)
Hunter Valley Brumby Association (NSW)

Note: This blog is not affiliated in any way with any of these groups, but I support them wherever I can. :)